Monday, February 28, 2011


OK...we're back in here is my post on how to turn your hair green. Yes, you read that right...G.R.E.E.N. And not pretty, I wanna run through the grass green. I'm talking Wicked Witch of the West green...with a little dash of blonde and pinch of brown thrown in.
 Last week, I needed a change...a BIG one...but since I had just gotten finished painting the bookshelves in the playroom(and it took WAY longer than I thought it would) I didn't feel like painting. You can't lose 10 pounds in a that was out...and last time I wanted a change...I chopped my long hair all off..but that just wasn't me. So instead, I decided to dye it know...cause I'm smart like that...and because the girl with the perm-a-grin and bouncy chocolate brown hair on the commercial made it look easy. As soon as the idea came to me, I made a beeline to CVS before I could change my mind. I bought two boxes of this...
promptly put it on my hair...and turned my blonde hair into this...
except with black roots. I looked like I was about to go trick-or-treating and had gone crazy with a can of hair spray paint. And you wanna hear the funniest part? Brian said that he didn't even notice the green! Bahahahahahahaha! So...after all of that, I ended up having to go to the salon anyway, where they stripped as much color out as they could. Then I had to go AGAIN when my lady got back in town so she could fix it completely. Long story short(OK maybe not so short...) I ended up with this...which also caused me to be Queen Dork for the five minutes that Lainey was taking these pictures.

And I'm pretty dang happy with it...for now anyway...

***And good gracious...something happened to me called "I don't own a scale or a full length mirror and it shows". I'm heading to Target...right after I throw away all my chips and complete my exercise video....


  1. #1 I love the dark brown!!
    #2 I would have paid money to go out in public with your green hair!!
    #3 You are always a dork - which is why I love ya!
    #4 You do NOT need to throw away your chips! You look awesome _ get yourself a full mirror so you can be proud Ms Mommy of 2!!

  2. jaime! you are THE BEST! i had so much fun with you the other night....wish we lived closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You have to go Red then Brown from white blonde to avoid the green. I like the Brown and you look perfect size in those pictures. It's the fun house mirror in our heads we have to watch out for. Enjoy your new do.