Monday, July 15, 2013

sewing machine before and after

so much for the second part of hutton's story. i'll finish that after the kids start school...

here is a short and sweet post. about 6 years ago i bought an antique sewing machine at this store called...EVERYTHING $99. and i mean everything. furniture was piled to the ceiling and the owner was shady. cash was the only thing they accepted...which explains why when i went back two weeks later the place was deserted and out of business... uh oh....

anyway, i'm not exactly sure WHY i bought that thing. it seemed like a good idea at the time. sewing was my enemy and i'm pretty positive it wouldn't have worked even if i DID know how to sew! i figured i would use it as a table of some sort. we had our tv in our bedroom on it for a little while, and then of course i had to move it somewhere else. so it has been in our den/paneling room/office for a few years...which might actually be some sort of record. 

about two months ago i decided to try a furniture make-over. brian ripped the sewing machine part out and we were left with just the base...which is the only part i really liked. i got a pre-cut piece of pine, stained it, painted it,  painted chevron stripes on top of the white, then sanded it until it had the distressed look i wanted. now i LOVE it! i was able to actually style it and am working on making this a cute corner of the room. it has also lightened up the space...where as before...the wood was the same color as the walls...and that color is called...blah. 

the photos are from my phone...but i'll take better ones once i figure out what is going on the wall behind the table...and please excuse all the nails. the picture gallery had run its course. ;)


  1. LOVE!!! are a diy MACHINE!!!! xo

  2. Great makeover, Hannah! I love the way you styled it!