Thursday, January 17, 2013

livin' like a KING

summary of our week: RAIN

ok. that was easy. now on to more exciting news. wait for it....
brian and i got a new KING bed. y'all. what in the name of sleeping took us so.dang.long? i am in love. really. and i'm not a person who is usually attached to "things". i send bags and bags of stuff to the goodwill every month. but you might have to kill me if you want to take my bed. i am a SUPER light sleeper. always have been...always will be. so here is the thing. i love my husband...but do NOT touch me while i'm sleeping. i don't like it. i need space to stretch out and breathe. and last night...i woke up around 3:00am and remembered that i was in my nice new big bed...and just to prove how much room i had, i made a snow angel. right there in the bed. and i touched NOTHING. then i smiled and fell instantly back to sleep. dreamy. 

AND...this is my other favorite thing about it. when you buy king bedding....IT ACTUALLY FITS THE BED. holla! raise your hand if  you think that the person who invented "full/queen" bedding had a few loose screws. i mean really...the beds are two different sizes, so of COURSE a full sized duvet will fit a queen bed....that is, if you want to play cover wars all night in your sleep. 

so, there you have it. sleep quality is lookin' up here in the warren household...and no one is happier than me! ;)

happy thursday!

h :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

worry less...pray more.

sometimes many times being a parent is hard...for me, not the running around....we are so busy i can't breathe, keeping up with household things...but i struggle in the emotional/worry/anxiety department. i am a worrier...HA! i know my dad is saying an "amen" to that right now...because i have been and always will be one of those people who...when it comes to my kids...thinks the worst. i TRY so hard to hide it or pretend that is is not there, but i have realized that it will.not.go.away. 

for example. when i was little...i'm talking six or seven...when we traveled, i would watch for "hospital" signs, so that if my dad had a heart attack(what the heck??) while he was driving, i could jump up in the front seat and know exactly where to go to get help. i mean...seriously. who does that? or even better...i would always think of jobs that i might be able to do if my parents died because i would have to take care of seth and jon and i would need to work. because...i'm SURE we would not go live with family and i would be left to raise my brothers.... :-0

so now that i have my own kids...bless their hearts....every time they get sick, thanks to google, they have some rare form of cancer. and i can't even think straight until they are off to school and back to normal. poor hutton had a week of anxiety about school and other activities that had me on the verge of a breakdown and marching him right into a psychology office. i just knew something terrible was wrong. friday night he cried himself and i prayed myself to sleep. and guess what? he woke up saturday with a smile. thank GOD!

sooo...i know i said that i didn't have any new years resolutions, but actually that is a lie. i have a few...and one of them is to "worry less and pray more". i even bought a sign to hang in my house as a daily hopefully when that worry starts creeping in....i can remember to squash it with bible verses...and my mind will be eased. 

Luke 12:25 And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his  span of life?

No one can pray and worry at the same time.- Max Lucado

happy monday! 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hello strangers....

well....the good thing about having a blog that nobody reads and that doesn't bring in any money is can take a four month vacation! ;)  the last time i wrote i was recovering from a breakdown because hutt started kindergarten. ummm...i seem to have recovered quite well. here is a quick recap of events over the last quarter of a YEAR! yikes!

  • i started WORKING! can you freakin' believe it? ok's not every day, and it's not full time, but it gives me extra money to redecorate every room in my house at least once a year now! ;)  my good friend leigh, who is an awesome interior designer, asked if i would want to be her assistant. what what? i had to think about it...for all of four seconds. IT IS SO DANG FUN! and guess what? i had to learn how to use my GPS and not freak out when i get lost. i have only called brian one time...and well...that is another story for another day...
  • brian and i went on a vaca to san francisco and wine country in september for my cousin's wedding. best trip of my life. most of my dad's side of the family plus my parents and my brother and sister-in-law were there and those hilarious people + lots and lots of wine = more fun than you can even imagine. every morning i woke up, my stomach was sore from laughing like a hyena. oh the fun! 
  • exercise...what is THAT??
  • weight gain...oh...i KNOW what you are.... ;)
  • if you want to have an easy time losing weight here is the secret formula. after the holidays, put on tight exercise pants and an exercise bra and  wear it around the house. you will NOT set foot in the kitchen. holy rolls!! :-0  
  • so i decided not to drink during the week...and lordy lordy..i miss that nightly glass of wine while i cook. my meals have become much less exciting...
  • i turned 35...and we went with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew to the mountains for the weekend...complete with MORE wine drinking. once again, total fun.
  • lainey is acing school. so far, she has had straight A's her entire middle school career. hutton has sweet teachers and is also doing great in school, but could take it or leave it...i feel his pain. i never liked school either...and then i became a SCHOOL TEACHER! bahahahahahahaha   talk about making NO sense...
  • i volunteered to be class mom in Hutt's class this year, and i almost fell out of my seat at the first meeting when i was handed my FOLDER of responsibilities. apparently that role is serious business...
  • my goal for 2013 is to get ALL of my pictures off of my computer and either printed, made into photo books, or put on discs. don't judge, but since 2008 i have  not printed off the first picture.
  • and lastly, i didn't make any nyr because i never keep them and it just makes me feel like a failure. raise your hand if you agree.
hope everyone has a happy wednesday!

h :)

ps. apparently "fun" is my new favorite word....