Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 i don't know what the HECK is wrong with me, but i can.not.stop.crying.today. and i am NOT NOT NOT a crier. when our dog died in january, hutton saw me crying and was in shock because "i've never seen you cry mommy...what is wrong?"  it was pitiful. so anyway, that is how little i cry. 
 actually i DO know what the heck is wrong. i'm about to lose my job. i job that i have had for almost 5 whole years...and it's about to be gone. and it's depressing. once kids get in school, they don't need you as much...or at least they THINK they don't! ha! ok. i really don't feel like saying "ha". it just came out. i keep getting all this info about end of the year and kindergarten registration and blah blah blah and i just want to push pause or cover my ears and pretend i don't hear. that's mature huh? 
 and i should probably turn off this sad music so i don't flood my computer or have to call brian to pick hutt up from school because i'm a basket case laying in the bed. anyway, i just needed to write it all down because i can't seem to make myself do anything else. i even tried to run but i got a mile from home, realized that i forgot to turn on my running app, said about 47 choice not so nice words, and turned around and walked home. is 12:10 too early to have a glass of wine? :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring break....

we headed off for a few days in the middle of the week up to young harris, ga. the weather was beautiful....perfect spring sun and a light breeze. here are a few highlights....


and THIS is where i realize that maybe a diet is in order....

brasstown bald

can you see our car????

before dinner

enrico's....the BEST italian ever!

wine spill.... :)

sunset over the golf course 

lainey's photography

hope this holds....

checkers in the lodge

trouble when mom and dad leave the room....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

random updates

1. spring break came and went...and it was wonderful! we went up to the mountains for a few days(young harris, ga) and had a perfect time....eating, relaxing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and sunset watching...just to name a few

2. i did get some cute pictures of the kids on easter, but none of us all together :(

3. we had 2 wardrobe issues easter morning, but everything turned out fine. i realized at 12:35 am easter morning(when i could NOT fall asleep) that i had forgotten to get hutt some new "churchy" shoes to go with his outfit(he usually wears converse). oops!  then...lainey's dress didn't fit right...but thankfully we had a backup in the closet. the kids didn't "coordinate" but...really...lainey is almost 12. i need to get a life.

4. i love church on easter

5. april and may are SOOOOOOO busy for us...easter, two birthdays, mother's day...out of town, guests in town, end of year school activities...and this year...hutt's pre-school graduation! (waaaaaaaaa!)

6. i realized after having several pictures taken of myself recently that i need to lay off the food, bacon, and wine....

7. which means i have been on a diet for THREE days, and i am DYING! no, i'm not one of those crazies who starve themselves by not eating anything, but i'm trying to watch my portions and eat more salads...so i.am.HUNGRY!  i'm a paula deen/pioneer woman cook....which equals fat and LOTS of food...so this is hard. :0  i give myself two weeks....ha!

8. i also started exercising again...yes...again. i have run a total of TWO times since seaside. and one of those was today. what what? it's amazing how fast you loose your endurance!

9. brian and i struck a new deal. since i like to redecorate so much, if i can sell the old on craigslist for the same price or more as the new...I CAN CHANGE IT! woot! that is like saying i just won the lottery for me. so far i have swapped out end tables and hopefully a desk(tonight!)

10. i decided i wanted a huge vintage map behind our couch in the tv room and have been looking for about 3 weeks on ebay...and GUESS what was in my new country living yesterday? vintage map in the family room. yay that i have good taste...not yay that i'm pretty positive the price and demand for those things will go up! :(

11. when my parents were here a few weeks ago, my mom and hutton planted some basil, peppers, and parsley in pots on my deck...and people....THEY ARE STILL ALIVE! i almost can't believe it. i even brought them in last night when it got cold. 

12. if i actually learn to sew AND garden in the same year...that will be a gosh darn miracle. and i can officially get my homemakers card! ;)

i'll be back tomorrow with some pics of our getaway! :)
happy wednesday!