Friday, February 4, 2011

A Thank You..

  Today I witnessed something that touched my heart. I trudged to Hancock Fabrics in the pouring rain to purchase the fabric and supplies for the craft Lainey and I were going to complete this afternoon.  As I walked up to the counter to get my fabric and ribbons cut, a lady and her teenage daughter were in front of me...buying make Linus blankets. I almost burst into tears right there on the spot. If you don't know what Linus blankets are...they are blankets that are hand made and given to children at hospitals... many who are critically ill or traumatized. I know ...because Hutton has one. When he was two months old, he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, sent to trauma, then had a room in the PICU. It was the scariest and longest three days of my life.  He was diagnosed with a heart condition...SVT. Which, praise the Lord, has not bothered him since.
 I was so touched...standing next to someone who was actually putting in the time to make blankets for children they will never meet. I tried three times to say how much that little gesture meant to me...and the knot in my throat grew bigger each time I opened my mouth. Then the tears started coming...and I am NOT a crier. But it brought back a flood of emotions..and I wanted that sweet teenager to know how special those blankets are to the people who receive them. I heard her tell her mom, "We should use fleece. They may not have anything else with them and it will keep them warm." She was right. We rushed out of the house and onto that ambulance with nothing except the clothes on our backs.  I wasn't able to ever say anything. I knew I would end up a blubbering mess..and that might not go over so well at the fabric store.
 So...this is a thank you. To anyone who has ever made a Linus blanket. You will never know how much your gift of love is needed and appreciated at such a scary and life changing moment. Now..please excuse me..I'm off to plug in my sewing machine and learn how to sew...and the first thing on my list is Linus blankets.


  1. made me a bit misty! Great post!

  2. thank you!!!! it just reminded me how important it is to do little things for others...because it always means more than you think it does!!!!!