Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 i have the hardest time coming up with blog post titles. can you tell? ha!  
 when we got back from the beach we discovered we have some new neighbors. isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen? well...cute until i get dive bombed by mommy. look how tiny the eggs are???? i wish they would just stay like this. once the babies are born...all ugly and slimy...they aren't so cute anymore.

 last year brian started a "tradition" of growing a mustache during vacation. well actually, he grows a goatee(which i really like) but just to see my reaction...on the last day, he shaves everything off except the DORKIEST mustache you have ever laid your eyes on. and i have nothing nice to say about it because i HATE it. and to make matters worse, he follows me around the house just staring at me and grinning....that thing is so gives me a stomach ache. no kidding. so this year i took a picture. for the whole world to see. or all seven blog readers to see.  check THIS out....

 and last but not least....what is it about summer that makes outfits like this proper attire? :)

happy tuesday wednesday. please don't ever ask me the date or day of the week in the summer...because chances will get the wrong information. ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer days

 first....i am going to start writing my blog in all lowercase's the way i write all of my emails...and have forever...and to be honest with takes me longer to write when i have to use capital letters! ha! yes..i realize that is sad...but unfortunately it's true... goal for july is to write more. we are a month into summer and i feel like we are finally starting to get the swing of things. in fact, i  know we are because when school first got out, the kids loved each they argue about everything. the newness and excitement has obviously worn off.
 take...for example...yesterday. i drop lainey off at softball camp(after going in and out of 4 different entrances), take hutton to a dr. appt. for a 4yr. check-up,(who by the way has only gained THREE pounds in an entire year), console him when he gets a vaccine, go to the grocery, take the groceries home, drive to yogli mogli for a treat, pick up lainey, get home and feed everyone, put hutt down for a which i fell asleep, then woke up and put on my exercise clothes. this is where it gets good. the kids were playing quietly so i decided that now would be a good time to do my exercise video. MISTAKE! why is it that as SOON as you turn it on and try to have 45 min. to yourself....they come out of the woodwork with the questions and the "there is nothing to do" and "i'm bored" and trying to answer questions and come up with ideas while jillian michaels is trying to kill you is nearly impossible. (wow...i think that may be a super run on sentence!) my finest mommy moment....i the top of my lungs....WHY CAN'T YOU GIVE ME ONE HOUR OUT OF THE DAY TO DO SOMETHING FOR MYSELF????? GOOD GRACIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i know...classy, right? worked...and i got to finish my peace. so...i call that a victory. ;)
 we'll see what today brings....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Made It

 Wow! Poor blog...and all three readers...I have neglected you. But we made it through all of the end of the year activities that seem to be two a day the last weeks of school...and are now sailing smooth in the bliss of summer. Here is a recap...
 Lainey had her voice recital. She rocked Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue"! She was a little nervous this time...which has never happened before...and may or may not have had a minor meltdown a couple of hours before the show. I blame it on hormones! ;) But in the end...she fought through her fears and was AWESOME!

Lainey and Hutton played school and learned about the letter "B" for bumblebee. Between Lainey and Super Why...Hutt knows all of his letters and their sounds...and knows how to write most of them. Hooray for big sisters!!

Awards day!

Lainey and some of her best friends....

(guess who gets attention from ALL the girls????)

Mr. Morris...Lainey's favorite of all time!

Hutt's last day....and his teachers Ms. Ana and Ms. June

Homemade teacher gifts.....

Lainey's school does this cute thing called the 5th grade walk....where  the 5th graders take their last "walk" through the school. The entire student body comes out of their classrooms to watch, and the 5th graders hand out flowers to their previous teachers and to their parents. It was really sweet.
PS. Isn't that shirt the cutest???? I want one for myself! ;)

And now....we are officially into SUMMER BREAK!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)