Wednesday, May 1, 2013

bathroom remodel

***WARNING: this post has gobs of pictures....

feast your eyes upon this! here is our upstairs hall kids/guest bath....and up until a month made me cringe to even walk past the door. i had visions of what i WANTED it to look like, but money certainly doesn't grow on trees now does it? 1974 ugly.
(this pic is when we were closing on the house!)

apparently i didn't even know where to begin with decorating. circus theme anyone?
(what in the world??!)

  at some point, i painted the window and vanity white(they were off white/cream) and purchased new hardware for the vanity. how about blue and white this time? i would say it helped about....10%. 
after that, i just called it a day and saved my pennies.

nice way to clash some blues...

builder grade mirror....yuck!

notice the spray bottle...that was my sorry attempt at removing the wallpaper...with fabric softener. MISTAKE! four hours and 2 blisters later...i had about 1/16th of it removed. but god bless ms. brenda...who for $200 removed the rest in 2 1/2 hours. three cheers for angie's list!

and then came my favorite day in the history of this house. DEMO! as i sat downstairs listening to the cracking of tile, i was praying i would not look up and see someone falling through our kitchen ceiling.

 we also changed the plumbing so it is now a single knob shower faucet...

holy loveliness....

tile all the way to the ceiling...

delorean gray grout for hiding the dirt! ;)

new vanity with soft close drawers and doors...which hutton promptly opened and closed 376 times the first day.

i LOVE the rectangular sink...

new faucet

 one of my favorite things....i have been eying these lights for years!


(photographer i am NOT...the light was horrible...and this room is very tiny, so it is hard to take pics...but you get the point!)

i still need a curtain and a shower curtain...and the amount of hours i have spent probably illegal...but i don't buy something unless i L.O.V.E. it...and nothing i have seen so far is screaming to me! we will also be replacing the bulbs with something "prettier".

besides the fact that i am so happy how everything turned out...i am proud of this bathroom. i designed it from top to bottom myself (ok...and pinterest! ha!). honestly it is MUCH easier starting from scratch then it is to go into a room and work with what you have. my dream would be to build a house...and design everything from start to finish to suit our needs and style. i mean fun would THAT be? that this project is done...guess how many more i have swirling around in my head? ;)

happy happy wednesday....


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  1. The new bathroom looks amazing, Hannah! Kudos to you for creating this design. From a chaotic-looking bathroom to a romantic-looking space, it's really a huge step up. I love the floor tiles and using gray grout to help hide the dirt. Design and function all in one. Great job!