Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Has Spring Sprung?

  It has been fairly warm here for almost two weeks...and it is giving me major spring fever. Although here in the south...you don't put away your winter clothes until May, because even though you may be able to lay out in March, we WILL have another cold snap...the day after I complete the "seasons" switch-a-roo with Lainey and Hutton's clothes. (How did you like THAT run on sentence???) It happens every. single. year. But I am going to be prepared this year..so I don't end up in the attic holding a flashlight in my mouth and digging though plastic bins full of clothes looking for a coat.
 Anyway...since spring is on my mind, I decided to take a look at all of the spring clothing...and have come to two conclusions. 
1. By the look of all the shoes...it's going to be a good year for short people!(Yea!) 
2. Apparently I am now old enough that clothing I wore as a teenager, has gone away and already come back. Yikes. But since that involves espadrilles, I don't mind so much. For example look. at. these. I am totally in love....
***Found here:

And since I seem to be into yellow this year also....I though they would be super cute with this top...

***Found here:

and these jeans....

***Found here:

   Last but not least, because I like to waste time on the internet when I should be doing laundry...here are two more pair that made me swoon...
***Found here:

***Found here:

 But since my little guy came down with a fever last night...I guess my shopping spree will have to be put on hold...which is never a bad thing for my wallet. 
 Hope everyone has a great day! :)

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  1. you would look good in all that stuff. i kid you not, the second your blog popped onto my computer, I thought, "she's so pretty!"