Friday, September 7, 2012

celebrity observations...

i'll admit it...i read celebrity trash and it's like a drug. i'm amazed by watching train wrecks. i know. don't judge. so, here are just a few things that i have in noticed the past few weeks...

jennie garth. i know you are proud of your new stick skinny body....but you absolutely look 15 years older. fat is good for the face. its makes you look younger. just look at me. i TOTALLY agree with that one. ;)

leann rimes. bless your heart. once a cheater...always a cheater. if he cheated WITH you...he will cheat ON you. no amount of "anxiety treatment" is going to change that.

kristen stewart. girl. you made a big mistake. and you just lost about 539,228,971 fans. hope it was worth it.

rihanna and chris brown. go ahead and get back together already. you know you would if you weren't so embarrassed about hitting one another...and then running back to each other.

kanye and kim. two people who each think they are one notch below jesus=perfect match.

honey boo boo. raise your hand if you can't look away.

any celebrity who has just given birth. ok. we KNOW! you can get back to your "pre-baby" weight in two weeks. i could get back to my pre-five year old weight also...if all i ate were five saltines, lettuce leaves, and laxatives all day.

baby names. totally fascinating. but here is where y'all probably won't agree with me. i actually LIKE strange names. wanna know why? after being a teacher, i swore that i would name my kids something different, so every time they were mentioned in the class, they weren't jon c, jon m, jon r, and jon b. ANNOYING! so far i have only come across ONE lainey, and ONE hutton. and that suits me just fine...

happy weekend!!


Thursday, August 30, 2012


when brian and i got married, we lived in a small we were short on storage. brian's mom bought us this HUGE chest that you can fit a million things in. when we moved to this house, it made the cut, but of COURSE i have had the itch to give it some flare ever since. it kinda had a "country" look...which is TOTALLY FINE if that is your style, but it wasn't meshing well with our other furniture. and to be honest, we still need the space, so getting something different was out of the question!  our closets in this house are small! (but i LOVE it brian, and i'm not complaining...just stating a fact!) anyway....that went WAY off track....where were we?
 oh! ok. so....i determined that part of the problem was that the hardware was too small for the piece. i found this hardware

 on sale at the home depot for $1.98 each! woot! i know. awesome huh?
  i knew i wanted a slatey blue color, so i enlisted the help of my favorite decorator...PINTEREST...and found some ideas. i sent pictures to my sweet cousin, who then told me the perfect color...wrought iron by martha stewart. yay! and as soon as brian left to go out of town, i drove my butt straight to the store, looked at the color, and then had it color matched with the primer PLUS paint by behr!  love that stuff!
 it only took me about 45 min. to complete BOTH coats(i waited an hour between each coat). immediately the chest looked so much better...that is until i remembered that i didn't know how to work the drill, so i would have to wait until brian came home to complete my project! boo!
 so......last night, even though he was exhausted from his trip, he drilled my new holes for me! and it looks AWESOME! exactly what i was going for! amazing how a little paint and new hardware can completely change the look of something! now on to the next project....

mismatched knobs and all


2 coats of paint

new hardware




Monday, August 20, 2012


tomorrow is our 18th...i mean 8th anniversary. what an amazing  ride it has been so far. i look forward to many many more years...
(this is as sappy as i get...)


i'm sorry...i had to.

girls...i'm so so sorry about the dresses. it really doesn't make sense because i don't even like pink! ha!

lainey...the sweetest and most beautiful flower girl ever!

it was such a fun fun day! the stories...oh the just wouldn't have been hannah's wedding without them.
things i regret....i wish i would have eaten.
the end.

ps. but the stories that came from the honeymoon are even better....maybe..just day..i will tell one(or seven) of them on here....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

what have we learned?

i have learned a few things during this first week of i wrote a post about it. like to hear it? here it goes.....

  • i miss sleeping past 6:20
  • just being real...i HATE making lunches(i know..weird)
  • coffee is extremely gross without creamer
  • pre-teens are H.A.R.D.
  • the PTA parents at Hutt's school are WAY over the sometimes scares me. i'm just trying to help out...not compete(NOT YOU CAROLYN AND HEATHER!-y'all are awesome!)
  • moms deserve a medal for making it through week one 
  • does anyone else think the paperwork is redonkulous?
  • going to the bus stop 25 min. early on the first day is not going to make the bus get there any quicker
  • i can actually spend an 3-4 hours doing a whole lot of nothing....pinterest anyone?
  • anxiety=insomnia 
  • i worked for a long time on this project today and when i went to complete the finishing touch, i messed the whole thing up. i may or may not have almost cried(i blame fatigue)
  • i hate a quiet and dark house....if you stopped by in the middle of the day, i would have almost all the lights and tv's on...even if i'm not in the room
  • 5yr olds have meltdowns on day four
  • you are always harder on your firstborn
  • don't judge...but i have made my bed every day this week...i know....hutt was so shocked  that he asked me who did it. HA!
  • i miss summer fun, but i'm going to be honest. i do better with schedules
  • lainey started swimming today and i'm secretly hoping she will be the next missy franklin
  • now that the kids are in school, i'm scouting out the next room/piece of furniture i can paint
  • friday brings extreme excitement in YAY!  no school tomorrow
sooo....needless to say, we are ready for the weekend....but i have a feeling we will all be too exhausted to have any fun! ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

kindergarten smindergarten

 well...this is it. tomorrow i send my baby away...and i'm sure he'll come back realizing that he actually loves school, and thinking that i am a crazy nut that was trying to trap him into snuggling with him all day. ;)
 i'm hoping that the send off isn't as bad as i have worked it up in my mind to be...but there is no breath holding going on over here...
 it's funny the reaction i have gotten from people. some pat me on the back, some agree, and some wonder why i'm so sad. "aren't you going to be so GLAD to have so much time alone?" hutt is my buddy. he has shopped, decorated, painted, danced, traveled, cooked, sang, cried, laughed, worried, gardened, played, exercised, and talked on the phone with me. (i even tricked him into taking naps just so i could have one too! ha!) i am sad to see him go. it will be so quiet and lonely here without him. 
 and last night i laid in bed thinking about all these funny things i could say that would make this "light and non-serious" but now i can't remember them...and it doesn't seem so funny anymore! :(

 on another note...i have decided to take up the profession of helicopter mom. so i am signing up for "room mother" for hutton's class. but oddly enough, the teacher looks at the list of names and CHOOSES someone! what the ??????  so i'm hoping that my jammin' giant size olympic rings that i made for the teacher luncheon will give me a slight advantage....i'll keep you posted.
 needless to say, this has been a hard week. i have been so sad, that poor brian can't even look at me without getting his head chopped off,(why are we meanest to the ones we love the most when we are worried/stressed/sad???....and if you tell me that i'm the only person who does that...we aren't friends anymore) and i have consumed more alcohol that trader joes stocks on the judging please. 
 but tomorrow i will awake bright and early, put on my smile, and try not to cry as my favorite boy in the entire world starts a new chapter in his life...then i will promptly march myself down the street and "sip and sob" with my sweet "kindergarten moms".....

happy first day of school everyone.....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Play Ball!

lainey kicks butt in softball. i L.O.V.E. watching her...especially how fast she has taken to it, since she didn't even start until she was nine...almost ten! why in the world we didn't start her sooner...i'll never know. 

i grew up with was our life, so naturally i assumed lainey would play...which she did. but lainey was just too dang nice for soccer. if her and another girl ran to the ball at the same time, lainey would basically let her have the ball...and then turn and smile at us! ha! brian and i used to laugh because she would run up and down the field smiling and smiling....

so we decided to try softball, and BOOM! that's more like it. the very first time she went up to bat, EVER, i was so nervous for her, i thought i would throw up. and she struck out...bless her heart. but then she got rid of the nerves and it was ON after that! here are a few pics from the last game of the season this year! 

coach daddy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hutton's Birthday Party

hey look! i'm almost right on schedule with being a month late on my posts! at least i'm consistent! ha!

 hutt turned five in may and this was his first party with friends. yes, you read that right. FIRST! unlike some of you crazies...i prefer not to have a house full of screaming kids until they are old enough for me to boss around, can feed themselves, and pee on their own. until had only been family...and just so you don't remember and don't care WHO came to their first birthday. it's just extra stress on save your sanity and keep it simple...until they are school age....then it becomes a that i gladly don't participate in!! :)

 ok. back to the party. sooo....even though i was throwing a party, i still wanted it simple. and short. which meant hutt invited just the five boys in his preschool class, plus one other friend. we had to decide on a day and time....but since all of his friends play sports on saturday(including us times two) i knew that wouldn't work. then...BINGO! pinterest to the rescue...again. a cereal party. easy peasy. i mentioned it to hutto and he was beyond thrilled...especially since cereal is his favorite food! ( veggies here..thank you very much.) and....since hutt and his friends only go to school three days a week, i decided to have the party on friday morning. wear your pajamas. cereal for the boys. coffee and pastries for the mommies. watch cartoons. eat cereal cake. go home. and the beauty of it all? i still had my entire day free! with a clean house to go alone with it!! well...i'll be! it's a win win for everyone. :)

  i bought the most sugary cereals i could know...the ones you NEVER buy your kids but they ask for every.single.time. you go to the store. since i have an obsession with jars, all i had to do was walk into my kitchen and look around. after i dumped out my sugar, flour, coffee, oatmeal, and a few other things, the jars were ready. the container store was a score with clear scoops. the internet provided me with cute labels for the jars. i ordered small cardboard boxes from etsy so the kids could have a "take home" box of cereal. i made the labels for that with paper from my scrap pile. remember how lainey's colors were hot pink, teal, and red? well, i was able to use the same banner and table cloth by just replacing the hot pink with yellow. so hutt's colors were teal, red, and yellow. i found a drink dispenser on clearance at home goods(which of course leaked...but oh well...not EVERYTHING can be perfect, right?) i bought red matching bowls on clearance from target for $.98 for two! but...the best part was the huge rice krispie treat i made into the shape of a cake, then used icing to "glue" froot loops all around the edges! it was a hit! 
  at the end of the party, i sent the kids home all sugared up and ready to start their day. the end.