Friday, February 4, 2011


 It's rainy and cold here again today...and will be all weekend(surprise!). So...I told Lainey we would cheer ourselves up by making something cute! Yesterday I spotted this! A flower pin! LOVE! Thanks to this awesome blog: 
You can check out the full tutorial here:
 I tried it out while Lainey was at school yesterday and it was pretty easy! I made one for practice...she LOVED it...ran upstairs and promptly hot glued it to one of her headbands. Guess what she is wearing today???
 We are also going to attempt to make these...which I am SUPER DUPER excited about!
...and if you are a family member, do not look at this link because you could possibly be getting one of these for a present one day!(if I can make it look decent) :)
 Last but not least, we will definitely be playing this bingo game tonight! Hopefully at some point I will be able to get into my ark car and sail drive to the store to get my all of my fabric...and 327 candy hearts for bingo(and eating!). How fun does this look?
 Have a great weekend! I'm off to plan our Super Bowl menu...and see if I can set a record for appetizers with the most calories! HA!

PS. There are 12 exclamation points in this post. I have a problem...

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  1. #1 - I want a necklace!!
    #2 - When did Lainey grow up?
    #3 - You really counted all your exclamation points?!? - REALLY?
    LOL <3 ya!