Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair Color Debate

 When I was little my hair was white blond. Then it turned to dishwater blond. And now...well...I'm not really sure WHAT color it would be if I put the kibosh on the hair dye.  But I do know one ain't white blond...because if it was, I wouldn't spend half of the paycheck that I don't make every 6-8 weeks on color. One thing is for sure though...dark roots are not cuttin' it for me. If mine looked like this...

maybe I wouldn't cringe when I looked in the mirror. But...right now, mine looks more like this...

minus the "curl under" bangs...although I did have those in the 8th grade...
Actually, now that I'm looking..I wouldn't mind hair like that if I had those abs. Anywhoo...the whole point of this post is that I need some feedback.
***If you are a hairdresser DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER***
Should I just stick with forking out money every 6 weeks or has anyone had luck using at home hair dyes(with salon results)? For the record, I did always walk out of there feeling great, but would then think of all the things I could have used that money for. In my younger(ahem..nightclub)days, I used do it myself...$5.99 a pop baby! (I'm sure I thought it looked better than it really did. That's the beauty of being young!)But then I started going to a REAL salon and I'm scared to go back. I kinda feel like I'll be cheating on my hairdresser(who I love!)
So....yea or nay?
Salon or home?
Nice and Easy or Tresemme'
Brown or blond?

What do ya think????


  1. Just discoved your Blog- and it made my very selective list of ones to follow.
    My husband and I call my hair "the source of eternal debate". It's so true. Long-(hubby loves) or short- (I love)? Natural mouse brown or Red?
    I finally decided I cannot maintain the red so I'm letting it grow out. And by golly I am going long just for my hubby. I find it liberating not to think about it anymore.
    Opinion time: Blonde has to be done in a proper salon to look right in my experience. I could Clarol Natural Instints the red and being semi permanent it grows out gracefully.If I were you I would get it colored back to the natural color and see if you could live with it like that. If not just go back and make peace with blonde being the best fit for you.

  2. I say keep going. I'm assuming like me (or maybe you do), we aren't out getting our nails done weekly or out for massages. Getting my hair colored and cut is my "pay" for being a mom. :) I'm also not sure what color my hair is any more. I had to start getting it colored after college. I get lo-lights and hilights and I think it may make it last longer. You could also ask for a "partial" and it should be cheaper. I think your hair is lighter than mine so it would provide for a little change. I go every 10-12 weeks. Keep going - you deserve it!

  3. i say play around yourself. i have over the years been just as happy with at home as salon color!