Friday, September 16, 2011

friday funnies!

i'll admit it...i'm addicted to pinterest...who isn't??? but along with getting ideas for everything you could possibly imagine, i have laughed my tail off at some of the things i have read....
 happy reading...and TGIF!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


 lately i have been feeling kinda....blah. not sick...just trying to figure out what i "do". it has hit me hard this school year, probably because in less than a year, hutton will be in school full time and my "day job" will be nonexistent. i think about it all day long...everyday...and then can't sleep at night(yes...a little extreme). i KNOW my job is be a good mom...and run little people here and there, help with homework, talk, read, play, sign papers, etc. but i can't lie...sometimes i feel like i have lost myself. 
 i have a BAD habit of comparing myself to other moms....she can run 10 miles, she is a great christian leader, she "does it all", she is a great photographer, her house is decorated perfectly....the list goes on and on.   and i thought about myself and thought...well...i can cook and clean(maybe i should have been a mom in the 1950's...except for the fact that i can't sew!) but cooking and cleaning doesn't sound so exciting when someone asks you what you "do".
 and i'm going to feel really weird not "working" next year when hutt goes to need to find something...and find it quick. is the thing...i'm scared my kids are going to grow up and leave and i won't have any kind of identity AT ALL. and then i'll harass them because i won't have anything else to do..and then they'll move far far away so i'll leave them alone! and that would break my heart.
 so...until next year...when hutt climbs on that bus...i am going to try and be the best mommy i can be....and think about the next stage in my life....
 but while i'm doing is always good to read articles like this...that make me feel like...right now anyway...i am doing exactly what i am supposed to be doing....

ps. vic...hurry and get that business up and running....i want to be your "tommy"!! ha!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend fun

even though it rained all day yesterday, we were all ok with it...since we had such a fun time at the GA game on saturday.
it was hutt's first game and i think he was more excited than brian. every morning for the week before the game, he would wake up and the first thing out of his mouth was....four more tomorrows until the game, three more tomorrows until the game, etc. it was super cute.

we are all about some food in this the menu planning started last monday. to me...a tailgate isn't the same without something good to eat...and i don't mean salsa from a jar. we have to "make" stuff(as the kids say). and the number one request was jalapeno popper dip...which went STRAIGHT to my thighs. thank goodness it was a long walk to the stadium!

here are a few snapshots of our day...straight out the camera...because we all know that if i wait until i edit them and make them pretty...this post won't be up until halloween.

lainey chased down the chik-fil-a cart for a free sandwich! ha!

then got a free football!

he FINALLY caught it!!!

despite the fact that the dawgs lost...we still had a blast....well....maybe i should let brian speak for himself! ;0