Friday, September 7, 2012

celebrity observations...

i'll admit it...i read celebrity trash and it's like a drug. i'm amazed by watching train wrecks. i know. don't judge. so, here are just a few things that i have in noticed the past few weeks...

jennie garth. i know you are proud of your new stick skinny body....but you absolutely look 15 years older. fat is good for the face. its makes you look younger. just look at me. i TOTALLY agree with that one. ;)

leann rimes. bless your heart. once a cheater...always a cheater. if he cheated WITH you...he will cheat ON you. no amount of "anxiety treatment" is going to change that.

kristen stewart. girl. you made a big mistake. and you just lost about 539,228,971 fans. hope it was worth it.

rihanna and chris brown. go ahead and get back together already. you know you would if you weren't so embarrassed about hitting one another...and then running back to each other.

kanye and kim. two people who each think they are one notch below jesus=perfect match.

honey boo boo. raise your hand if you can't look away.

any celebrity who has just given birth. ok. we KNOW! you can get back to your "pre-baby" weight in two weeks. i could get back to my pre-five year old weight also...if all i ate were five saltines, lettuce leaves, and laxatives all day.

baby names. totally fascinating. but here is where y'all probably won't agree with me. i actually LIKE strange names. wanna know why? after being a teacher, i swore that i would name my kids something different, so every time they were mentioned in the class, they weren't jon c, jon m, jon r, and jon b. ANNOYING! so far i have only come across ONE lainey, and ONE hutton. and that suits me just fine...

happy weekend!!