Thursday, February 3, 2011


This post will make no sense, but these are the things I think about at 3am when I can't sleep. HA!

  • When I have to take Lainey to school in the mornings, I am usually still wearing pajama pants and slippers...except when it rains. Then I wear pajama pants with rain boots. I always pray that I don't have a wreck.
  • I TOTALLY forgot about Lainey's voice lesson the other night..and after screaming "GET IN THE CAR" to both kids and driving like a maniac to get there, I realized that I still had my fuzzy slipper socks on.
  • Trying to be healthy yesterday, I was inspired to make Kale chips. When they came out of the oven, I ate them and made yummy eating noises to try and trick the kids. Hutton spit his out on the floor and started gagging. Lainey looked at me like I was crazy, ate one, and left the room. And to top it off, after they sat there for a while, they made my kitchen smell like poop. FAIL.
  • I have an obsession with decorating blogs...and I love to look into other people's homes...through their blogs...not through their windows. Although I have done that before. Please don't call the police.
  • Right now I am LOVING turquoise....because I found these awesome lamps on clearance for $22 with a big turquoise drum shade. Thanks to that one thing, I'm now adding more color to my family room...and I love it.
  • I'm SOOOO ready for summer...but not the sweat that goes along with it.
  • I need to exercise to get READY for summer.
  • I have cuter short sleeve shirts than long sleeve shirts...and I'm ready to bring them back out.
  • I could eat Mexican food every night of the week. Seriously.
  • My husband wears a size 13 shoe...and yesterday at Target, I found him a pair of navy Converse for.....$7.48! AND HE DOESN'T LIKE THEM! Who doesn't like Converse? I'm still working on trying to change his mind.
  • I need to clean my bathrooms. Please don't anyone show up unannounced to my house because I would die of embarrassment. 
  • I want to copy this...from Country Living Magazine.

  • I found this blog today and can't stop looking at all of the different ways to use turquoise! I goes right along with my new lamp theme!

OK..better run and get something done...before hubby makes me get a REAL job! ;)

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  1. If Brian won't take the shoes I may buy them from you. :) Seth wears a 13 too. And I LOVE CONVERSE.