Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Backsplash and Other Things....

 Here are a few pictures of the new backsplash and granite together...but since I'm obviously not a great photographer...I didn't do it justice. It looks so much prettier in person. Trust me. :)

On another note...yesterday I found the CUTEST jars with wooden handles at Big Lots(of all places) and thought they would be perfect to hold snacks for the kids....

And as I started thinking about how proud I was of my cute new jars...I realized that I may have a slight obsession with them. So my curiosity  got the better of me and I started looking around....
Somebody make me stop.

jar as soap dispenser #1

hanging mason jars with candles

jars for stamps

jars for crayons....and more stamps

jars for blocks

jars for sugar and flour

jar as soap dispenser #2

jars for teacher gifts

jars with shells

jar as soap dispenser #3

jar for snacks #2

jar for coffee

empty jar?????

bigger jar for blocks...because one is not enough

  And because if I hear the words..."I'm hungryyyyyyy" or "What's for dinner?" one more time....I might run away...I came up with a plan. I wrote it all I have to do now is point to the door with the chalkboard paint. Problem solved. :)

We're half way through the week! :)


  1. It looks SO great! I love your counter tops as well! What does the sign above your sink say? I love the chalk boards as well:) So fabulous!