Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conjunction Junction, what's your function?

 Do you remember the Schoolhouse Rock videos from Elementary school? I have always loved those silly things...and believe it or not...they are so annoyingly catchy that they do help you to remember things!! A few weeks ago, Lainey performed in the musical Schoolhouse Rock. It was THE CUTEST! This is her fourth musical and let me tell you...this is her thing. She can memorize every word to every song in about two days. She knows not only her lines, but the lines of every other person in the play. The word "nervous" isn't even a part of her vocabulary. And...she smiles for so long that I don't know how her cheeks aren't sore the next day! She had a solo this year...and sang "Great American Melting Pot". Yes, yes...I am so proud. Can you tell?

Solo time

Stir that pot!

Flowers for the performer!

My parents..who gave L the musical talent!

Proud Mommy

***On another note...Brian seems to be on the mend...thanks so much for all of the concern! Leigh and Glenda...I OWE YOU BIG TIME! :)


  1. It's really great she has such confidence and talent. BTW- your parents look crazy young.

  2. She is so reedonklously gorgeous! Wish I could have heard her! If you have a video you'll have to post it!

  3. Love School House Rocks! I just got my kids the dvd -- and we're all going around singing the songs.

    Great pictures.

  4. She's adorable! I loved School House Rock too! The songs are awesome. I bet that was so cute. Love the family pic at the top of your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Can't believe you got the same frames! Send me a photo of how yours turn out!

  5. Precious photos!! And thanks for the shout out:) so glad I got to spend time with your sweet children and ease your mind at the same time. So glad Brian is back to normal!