Monday, April 25, 2011


 I love a good celebration...I mean...who am I kidding? I can turn a "you made a 100 on a test" or "yeah...softball season is over" or "yipee! The new counter tops are in" into a reason to celebrate. But when did Easter become almost as stressful as Christmas? We don't shower our kids with gifts...they are ALWAYS happy with just a few things(which may or may not have backfired on me this year because NEITHER child can come up with ONE thing that they want for their birthdays!). So...because of that, I tend to get stressed out trying to find one PERFECT gift. For Easter baskets, both grandparents had the candy department covered, meaning...I wandered around Target for longer than I care to admit...trying to think of another idea. I ended up with flip flops, bathing suits, goggles, and pool toys. Let's just say...nobody passed out from excitement! HA!
 OK. That was a fail...but I still had half of my Easter expectations left. The typical "coordinating outfits". Ohhhhh! Yes. You all know what I mean. If I can just get ONE awesome picture with everyone all dressed up, it will be worth it. As a shop and shop and plan and shop and return and exchange and plan some more and IRON(that is big for me) and lay everything out the night before...just HOPING for a picture miracle.

 After taking about 80 pictures....I ended up with zero good ones of the kids together, zero family pics, two terrible pics of Brian and I, and a few of each kid by themselves. Hutt wouldn't smile, both kids got in trouble, Brian and I argued...and by then I was just frustrated....gave up...and went inside to have a glass of wine. Oh well...maybe next year. :0
 At least we had some great food and the weather was AWESOME!!! :) 


  1. Are you kidding?! These pictures are adorable!! The closeup of Hutt is frame-worthy, I absolutely love it. His hair, that look...he's a mini-rockstar!!! As for this part of the Holmes fam, we were mostly sick, on our way home from SSI, didn't go to church, didn't hunt easter eggs or have a big family dinner (hooray for Chinese takeout!) so I think you did a GREAT job! xoxoxo

  2. Ha...sounds like our Easter pics. I was frustrated, caden refused a smile, and I got mad at losing the last chance for a family pic before baby# 2 arrives. So much for color coordinating and planning. Enjoy a glass for me too!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, boy!!
    Beautiful, beautiful, girl!!
    Those pics have the memories you'll treasure for a lifetime!
    Good job, my sweet daughter!

  4. You are so silly - I love all the pics! All my planning threw me a curve ball _ I got NO Pictures due to Nathan running a low fever the night before Easter, so only Jack & I went to church easter morning! Luckily Nathan never spiked another temp so atleast I have pics of us in shorts & t-shirts hunting for eggs!