Monday, March 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  Have you ever had one of those weekends the time you make it to Sunday night...whatever you did on Friday seems like it was two weeks ago? Put a check mark in that category for me...because THAT was my weekend. We'll start with the good...
 Friday we had THE MOST beautiful weather...then to top it off, my best friend from Savannah and her cute little family were in town to go to the Georgia I had them over for dinner. We had such a great time that I completely forgot to take out my camera. FAIL.  Then on Saturday I actually did something for myself and took a four hour photography class. Yes, you heard right...I'm finally going to learn how to take my camera off of auto...the camera that I have had for two and a half years now...
 While I was gone, Brian and the kids bought me a new kitchen sink..a single basin...and I am so in love. I can't wait to see it with the new granite! Yipee!  Saturday afternoon, Lainey had a softball game and she played great...even getting a TRIPLE!
 Then came the bad....
 Brian starting knocking out our old tile backsplash to make room for the new...and discovered several good size holes in the drywall. Isn't it funny how one project always turns into seven? Yeah...not so much. Oh well...what can you do?
Then came and ugly...and boy was it ugly.
 Brian ran a half-marathon Sunday morning..and earned himself a trip to the emergency room. He is a the distance was nothing unusual for him...but I guess his body wasn't in the mood today...because it fought back. I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. He was an hour later than he said he would be and that never happens. And as soon as I started getting really panicky...the phone rang. And when you see the name of a hospital pop up on your caller ID...your heart stops. Luckily it was he was alert enough to call me, but couldn't remember anything except that he had been taken by ambulance to the hospital. That is what scared me the most. Long story short....he was/is extremely dehydrated. He says that he doesn't think he passed out...but I think he "blacked out" and continued to go through the motions of finishing the race. I asked him if he finished..and he didn't remember...but then said..."Oh..I guess I did. Here is my medal!" HA! He still finished the under 2 hours! Crazy! sweet friend took my kids with a five minute notice and my sweet mother-in-law was on her way to church, turned the car around right then, dropped by her house to pick up clothes and drove straight here...from SAVANNAH!
 I'm just so thankful that we are home and safe...
How was your weekend????


  1. Hannah I love your blog, you are an amazing writer and I always look forward to reading your fav's! You introduced me to The Lettered Cottage and I am addicted now so THANK YOU!!!! Just thought you might need a little confirmation that we love what you are doing on this monday morning after your crazy weekend!!

  2. Poor Brian!!! Unbelievable!! Can't believe that happened....he better be taking care of himself now! Sorry I'm the worst cousin in-law ever and never called or texted you back on Thursday, looks like you had your hands full, though :) Tellus was great but we didn't get to stay long enough. Food SUCKED (not to self: pack a picnic lunch next time!) but the dinosaurs and planetarium were great, so it evened out :) Hope to see you all soon soon soon!! xoxo

  3. So sorry to hear about your husband! I saw him get transported when I arrived at the medical tent to collect my husband. I'm not sure why participants were requested to wear emergency contact info since no one in the tent was willing to make a call. I also waited over an hour before he was coherent enough to borrow a phone.