Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Thoughts...

 For the past week, my brain can't seem to come together and form a full post on one subject. Not sure why...but I AM pretty sure that you wouldn't want to read a post that says..."Today was pretty outside and we played in the backyard until dinner time"....The End. are some various things I noticed over the past week...all scrunched into one post.

  • I need sunshine. a major way...or I become sad and dreary and just want to curl up in bed. And after a week solid of clouds, rain, and cold...I was ready to run away to Mexico
  • And I don't even LIKE Mexico...because on my HONEYMOON...I got Montezuma's Revenge...thought I was going to die...then proceeded to pass out on the beach(from dehydration)...and whisked into the shade on a lawn chair turned makeshift stretcher...while they poured water on me to "bring me back to life"
  • I will NEVER go back
  • Is there such a thing as the "terrible almost 4's"?
  • Lainey was gone for three days on a 5th grade trip to Jekyll Island..and it was so quiet around here. I never realized how much she sings, whistles, talks...all the time. I missed her bunches and bunches
  • On the contrary....I sometimes love a quiet right I can blog
  • Note to self...don't drink wine from an iced-tea goblet because you don't want to dirty up another glass. You will almost certainly drink way more than you meant to...and pay for it the next day! ;)
  • It's hard to loose weight when you love food and wine
  • It's even worse when you have a tiny mother...(I want THAT gene..not the one that makes me a grump when I'm hungry)
  • I am not a gardener
  • I found THE CUTEST dress yesterday from....ROSS! Yes, I know...but you can't judge until you see it...which won't be today because I don't feel like getting up off of my hiney to take a picture and upload it.
  • The kids and I (and Brian...if I can convince him) are color coordinating for Easter. I know it's dorky but I'm doing it anyway...because Lainey starts middle school next year and I have a feeling that not only will she NOT want to look like the rest of us...she probably won't even want her picture taken
  • I'm stressing about middle school...Lord help us all
  • My cousin...who I haven't seen in TWO coming to visit on Thursday and we are going to party like it's 1999...except that actually I was in bed on NYE 1999 because I was pregnant with Lainey AND had the flu! Fun times....
  • My love language is quality time...and finding out that ONE thing...answers a lot of relationship questions
 OK...Looks like my quiet time is over! Happy Monday! :)


  1. A. I love Ross and food too much as well.
    B. My mom is four sizes smaller than me and will forever be tiny- not cool.
    c.I am trying to find a dress and a shirt for myself and my hubby to match our kids easter clothes. He does not know yet ;).
    d.) I have a deep and abiding fear of when my little man (now 8) starts middle school.

    I get it- have a week full of surprise blessings!

  2. We try to coordinate on Easter too!! <3 it