Monday, March 14, 2011


  My sweet grandmother has recently been placed in an assisted living facility....and even though I know that getting older is just a part of life...I honestly never pictured it happening it to her. This is what I think about when I think of her...she used to walk SIX miles every day...well into her sixties. Every day she dresses up...and has matching jewelery to boot.  Fridays were her "beauty shop" day.  She makes the best giblet gravy...and angel delight...and sausage balls. She loves to travel. Church is THE MOST important thing...and she prays for everyone she knows.
   This weekend, my parents, brother, and I drove to Sandersville, potentially see her house for the last time...and to gather anything from her house that had meaning to us...and would make us think of her.
 My family's me anyway, is pretty cool. In fact, if you live/are from the south, you may have even seen a part of us..and never even realized it. Many years ago, my great-grandfather, started a canning company and named it after my great-grandmother, Margaret. It was then passed down to my grandfather...and what my dad grew up around...and oh my...he has THE BEST stories. But that is another post for another day. It was sold in 1985 but the company that bought it decided to continue to use the "Margaret Holmes" name.
 So...if you ever see this...
Know this...Margaret Holmes is my great-grandmother....and even though the McCall Family bought our "name" and their story is nothing like still makes me think of our family every time I see those cans on the grocery store shelves...because once upon a time...that label WAS my family's....and you wouldn't believe the amount of hard work and sweat that went into every single can.

Here is a little bit of family history...
and here...
(paragraph 4 and 5 are about my family)

Ed is my great-grandfather, David is my grandfather...and the lady I am talking about is his grandmother! Isn't history fascinating? 
Happy Monday!!!! 

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  1. I'm sorry that your grandmother is moving. It's a sad thing to watch the people you love age.

    What a cool family history! I love those stories.