Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yummy Yummy To My Tummy

for dinner the other night...and goodness was DE-LISH! I always do....I changed up some things...based on what I had in the fridge and pantry! Here are my changes...
1. Used lean ground turkey instead of chicken
2. Didn't have fresh tomatoes so I used a can of petite diced tomatoes(rinsed and drained)
3. My garlic was rotten(ha!) so I used garlic powder
4. Omitted the mushrooms
5. Added a 4oz. can of chopped green chilies(for some heat)
6. Added about a 1/3 of a block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese to make the mixture more creamy! (YUM!!!)
7. After I washed the whole poblano, I put all four of them in an 8x8 dish with a little bit of water, covered, and cooked in microwave for 6 minutes. They are MUCH easier to clean if you do this first!
8. When they were ready to be stuffed, I lined the inside of the poblano with pieces of already sliced(the sandwich slices) pepper jack cheese..then stuffed them...then placed MORE cheese on top!
9. I followed the cooking instructions exactly!
10. Served with black beans and fruit! I just went back and read what I wrote vs the original recipe...and there really isn't much that is the same...oops! So...I just used the IDEA of stuffed poblano peppers...does that mean that I just wrote my own recipe????? :)
 Either way....they were really good. And were so easy that I'm pretty sure this will become part of my "meal rotation"!
 Happy Wednesday! Don't forget to wear green tomorrow! :)


  1. If you keep sharing your dinners on here you're going to find a few hungry neighbors creeping around your house at dinnertime :)

  2. Yes! You wrote your own recipe! Yay! Looks Yummy.