Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrity Crush

  Y'all...I have a celebrity crush...or an almost-celebrity crush...or a I-know-you-are-going-to-be-so-famous-one-day-and-I'll-come-to-all-of-your-concerts crush...
 Paul McDonald...will you marry me? OK...yes, I'm already married...and I'm pretty sure I'm way older than you...but I'll let you think about it! ;)
 For those of you who DON'T watch American Idol...THIS is Paul....

And here are some videos of him singing...

  He has a soft raspy voice similar to Ray LaMontagne who I saw in concert twice this past year..and Hutton says he is a good dancer! HA! So Paul....if you're reading this blog....bahahahahhahahahahahahaha....yeah right....I voted for ya! 
Happy Thursday!


  1. OMG! I love him too!! He has the most gorgeous smile (aside from his voice and the fact that he is utterly adorable) ...

  2. I loooove Ray LaMontagne!!! LOVE! I didn't commit to Idol this season (and I keep hearing it's a realy talented group) I may start watching just because of this post :)


  3. HA I love him too!! His smile is amazing! I don't think he did as good last night as he has done previously though! Mikey says he is completely weird & I am too! He is so different & I think that's why I like him! Even in his rose jacket!

  4. isn't he great??? yes...he has a great smile...and jaime...tell mikey to leave you alone! doesn't he know that you took me to see ben harper for my birthday one year and we sang at the TOP OF OUR LUNGS the entire time??? we LOVE that type of "different" music! :)