Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Things You Just Don't Say Out Loud...

   I have the January blues. It happens every year at the same I'm used to it. But...I am so OVER the cold, dreary weather. And "wintry mix" (as they call it on the weather channel) you can gladly go back to where you came from. We had our one good snow for the season and now I'm ready for spring.  Between last week's over abundance of food and wine(H.E.L.L.O. 8 pounds) and the hubby being out of town all this week...I'm ready for a change of...something. So...I thought I'd tell you one of my MOST embarrassing stories from college. goes nothing....
   I went to a small community college my first 3 years of school...(did you get that? first THREE years? took me that long to get TWO years of classes completed) Let's just say that me and school weren't exactly best friends. And I became a TEACHER! bahahahahahahahahahaha first semester I had an English Literature class. Classes were small (THANK THE LORD) and I knew quite a few people from my high school. So that made me not AS nervous, but I was still scared to death. I think it was around the second week there, and our teacher assigned us a chapter to read on Euthanasia. We had to were supposed to read and then answer a few questions regarding how we felt about the subject.  Discussion time would take place during the next class.   Well...since school wasn't on my "top 47 things to do" list, I didn't read the chapter until I was pulling into the parking lot the next day. I guess you can say that I skimmed it at best. But I did get that it was about the elderly and being sick and blah blah blah and I was a little confused because it wasn't about what i THOUGHT it was going to be then I started thinking that maybe I had  read the wrong chapter. Oh well!
 Once in class we broke into groups and started our discussion. People were still using the word euthanasia but talking about the elderly. I was seriously confused but was not ABOUT to ask any questions. Then my professor came over to our group...and was listening...and may or may not have seen me flirting with a she put me on the spot. 
Professor: Soooo Hannah, what are some of your thoughts about this chapter. 
  (I stalled...turned 29 shades of red...and then proceeded to say...)
Hannah: was interesting, but I really don't understand what it had to do with the YOUTH IN ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 YES. I. DID. I actually said that out loud...and was dead serious. Everyone just stared at me with their mouths wide open. Then they all BUSTED out laughing. And I'm sure most of them were wondering how in the WORLD I ever made it out of high school. Then I just flashed a big smile and started laughing right along with them. Ha ha ha ha ha! I was just kidding!!  But what they don't know...won't hurt them. :)