Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frog to a Prince

  When L said that she wanted a room makeover for her 10th birthday, I was so happy! Neon green was starting to burn holes in my I was ready for a project. When she said that she wanted a "shabby chic" look, I jumped up and did three twirls in mid air. Be still my heart. All of that dragging her around to antique stores was starting to pay off.
  We started collecting things here and there, but by far my score of the year was "THE FRAME"!  Both of the kids were off of school that day, and with some bribing, I convinced them that running to the goodwill "just for a second" would be a great idea. We made a beeline to the furniture and frames section...because let's face it...I had approximately 2.5 minutes before the whining began. We rounded the corner, and there they were! Two HUGE dirty gold frames that were EXACTLY what I had been looking for. I could see the potential immediately! I made L put her hand on one(for the save) and I had a death grip on the other. Now for the price....$21.97 each. I had seen frames HALF that size at junk stores for TWICE the price. SOLD! We practically ran to the front of the store to pay, getting comments from people the entire way there!  Once we were safely in the car, I screamed and did the happy dance(which got strange stares from my kids).  Then I called everyone who I thought would care and told them about my deal of the century. Oddly enough, nobody seemed quite as excited as me. But I'm sure they'll change their tune when they see this....


Memory Keeper


  1. Hey....I have a frame very close to that! I'm stealing your wonderful idea! Thanks! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. thank you laurie! it was super duper easy. white primer(spray paint) and then white spray paint! the end! :):):)