Wednesday, January 12, 2011

L's Room Make-over

When  we moved into this house 4 1/2 years ago, it was straight out of 1974. Not a THING had been changed since the day it was built and decorated.We have slowly but surely re-done every room except one bathroom which has had a mini-makeover and the kitchen which has had about a 50% makeover. I really enjoy re-decorating...and have gotten many ideas from blogs and magazines! Unfortunately since I have decorating ADD, I am already ready to start changing the rooms AGAIN! HA!
Inspection day (before)
(Hey Kim!) :)

old bed, bench, and side table


old bulletin board and mess!

closet curtain

new bed, side table, painting by kim
lamp re-do, candles over bed,
new color!

window view

new bulletin board

MISTAKE! ha! note to self:
wash and dry curtains BEFORE hemming

view from door
 So...H's room got its second make-over last summer, and L's room (#2) is finally finished! Don't tell my hubby but the playroom is next! :)

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  1. It looks beautiful! You are so artistic Hannah!