Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Do You Say "NO" to Baby Tears?

 When B goes out of town, I sometimes let both of the kids sleep with me. But when I feel like I just need my space, I let them sleep together in L's bed. After all, these are the only nights when I can watch all the "girly" TV and read all of the blogs I want...AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! whoo hoo!
 Anyway....after activities, dinner, baths, making of lunches, laundry, studying, reading, and prayers...they were together and heading off(I thought) to dreamland. I had just settled in with my laptop, fuzzy blanket, and heated rice sock(how old am I???) when this face comes crying into my room....

Me: What's wrong buddy?
H: L won't let me snore and Mommy, I can snore if I want to....(tears, tears, tears...) Can I get in the bed with you???
Me: (Sigh)...climb in.  

Maybe I'll get quiet time tomorrow night.....


  1. Great photo. Now do you know these are hard to shoot, do you pick up the camera and get the image or do you go directly to mommy mode and wipe away the tears. Photos like this are priceless.

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  3. thanks trey!! that pic was actually 2 summers ago, but he still looks like that when he cries! ha! and i love that it captured him totally! :)