Monday, January 31, 2011

Books Anyone?

  I love to like the idea of reading...long thick chapter books...classics that everyone else reads...or how to be a better ________.  When I was little, I read a lot. But oddly enough, the older I got, the more I liked to talk...and reading took a backseat.  I don't even remember reading an entire assigned book in  high school or college. (case in point..."youth in asia") I just skimmed and studied the heck out of Cliff's Notes.
 Then I became a parent and I began to TRY and pick it back up again. The problem is...I must have a WAY shorter attention span than I thought I did. Without fail..if I start reading something that isn't complete "fluff", my mind starts wandering....What am I going to cook tomorrow night? Did I ever call so and so back? Why can't I loose five pounds? It must be the wine. Remember that time Jaime and I danced in middle of the street at a train track? That was funny. I wonder what  she is doing right now. I should call. But it's late. I'll call tomorrow. Did I lock the door? I wish I was at the beach right now. Dang. I forgot to call the orthodontist. I wonder what this room would look like if it was blue? Maybe I'll paint tomorrow....and on and on and on.  So...based on that information, you should know that I hardly ever  never finish one book at a time...or at all.  On a happier note, at least I'm always THINKING about bettering myself. Just take a look at all of the books I'm currently reading. At night, I just say eeny meeny miny mo..I like to read really really slow..pick a book out and let's go...(read...but i couldn't end with read because it doesn't rhyme).
  Anyway....if you have read any of these, please let me know how they turn out. Because by the time I finish them all, books will probably be like cassette tapes. Gone baby, gone.

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  1. I will never, ever forget the day we danced at the train track or so many of our memories! I think about you my dear friend daily & am lucky to have a bestie like you!!! Love ya!