Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here I Go...

Well....this is something I have been thinking about doing for TWO years now...and I figured I better start soon or my kids will stop saying funny things and I won't have anything to write about! HA! Mostly this will just be used as a journal for me so I can keep track of things that we do day in and day out...and remember them in 10 years. Apparently I am not good at that seeing as L reminded me THREE times this morning to pick her up at 3:30 NOT 2:30 from school, and H told me not to forget to close the garage door as we were leaving the house! Are they trying to tell me something??? :)
 Hopefully within a couple of days I can figure out how to work this blog thing. I'm definitely a pro a READING them...not so good at designing them. I was worried that they would not have spell check and my third grade spelling skills would be sent out into web world for all to see and make fun of. Yes...I fully admit...I am a TERRIBLE speller. Just ask my mom...who still makes fun of me for it...or my husband, B, who gives me the stink eye when I ask him how to spell certain things! ANYWAY...I overuse exclamation marks, commas, and smiley please don't send me any mean comments about it! :)
 I'm off to figure out how to post pictures! This only took me 21 minutes to write. Remind me not to listen to rap next time I post...50 Cent is distracting....



  1. Hey sweetie hope you and your family had a wonderful new year. I love the new pics of you and your hubby. You haven't aged at all....still so pretty. I read your blog and like it and look forward to hear more soon:) Take care, Tiff

  2. thanks tiffany!! you are sweet! you look great also...and i LOVE your beautiful ring!!! sounds like you have a GREAT guy! :)