Tuesday, January 25, 2011


  Oh my! Look what I just found! I have eaten this TWICE before...and I get SOME type of burger just about every other time I set foot in Chili's! AHHHHH! Not that I'm a strict calorie counter...I use Pioneer Woman's recipe's for cryin' out loud(and they are dang good)...but THIS is crazytown!!!!!

Chilis Jalapeno Burger

#2: Chili’s Jalepeno Smokehouse Burger with Ranch
1,780 calories
125 g fat (40 g saturated)
5,240 mg sodium
71 g carbohydrates
Chili’s burgers are like serial killers: Every one is evil in its own twisted way. This Ranch-drenched rascal will cost you almost two days’ worth of fat and sodium. In fact, this burger alone is the caloric equivalent of a dozen White Castle sliders! Finding a decent sandwich on the Chili’s menu is a needle/haystack affair, and it's hard to recommend a single Chili’s burger. Instead, go with the Grilled Chicken Sandwich for less than half the calories and a tenth of the fat.

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