Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Subway Tile?

 The counter tops are in, and to say that I love an understatement. have to agree on the backsplash. Which sounds easier than it really is. So...I need opinions. I REALLY want white subway tile. Every kitchen I have ever loved has subway tile in it. We bought some tile and propped it up for a few days...but I decided that that wasn't enough of a visual for me. So I hot glued the tiles to the wall. Hopefully they will pop right off...if not....I'm in trouble! :) But I started loving it so much, that I'm not going to lie. I seriously thought about going back to The Home Depot, buying a couple of boxes, and hot gluing my entire back splash. I just couldn't figure out what I would do when I came to a spot that needed only half of a tile. is sad but true...I am THAT impatient. are a few pics of the granite with the tile. I got a little feedback yesterday...but if you have an opinion, I would love to hear it! :)
 ***On a side note, the cabinets are dark now, but are going to be refinished and painted white(hopefully sooner rather than later). So...I am thinking that the tile will REALLY look good once the cabinets are painted...but I don't want to match the backsplash to the cabinets...when they are eventually going to be changed. I know this post makes absolutely no sense....but I  have tornadoes on the brain and I am thinking about how, with all the storms,  I will probably get no sleep tonight! :(

Dinner! Pioneer Woman's Enchiladas

The best thing EVER! My huge sink!


  1. Ok. Love the tile but not sure about the cabinets white too. But I know you and you will pull lots of colors in and make it look fabulous. LOVE the counters!!!!

  2. It will all come together when the cabinets go white!!! You're going to love it, it's what you've always gravitated towards and now you get the chance to make it resourceful as you are I can't believe you haven't already started sanding and painting those cabinets yourself!