Wednesday, January 4, 2012

healthy eating??

 i try not to make new year's resolutions...because i always break them. and then i feel like a failure. again. but the "list" thing seems to be working nicely for me. i have actually marked quite a few off of my "34 before 35" i'm thinking i'll make a " 2012 list"....and might have better luck.

 confession: i LOVE to cross things off of my list. and sometimes when i have a long one(like with cleaning chores)...if i complete something, but it wasn't on my list...i write it down and then cross it off! HA! instant gratification! :)

where were we...
oh yeah...resolutions..that are NOT resolutions. i decided that we need to eat more veggies around here. we tend to be much better about it in the summer, but i'll admit...sometimes i count salsa as a veggie! ;) i mean really, who doesn't? i am not the best about trying new things with my kids...partly because i DO NOT want to hear the whining. after cooking an entire meal, the last thing you need is sad faces and i stick with the same...which equals canned green beans! ( :o)
 but last night i made stir fry from trader joes...JUST as a side. and i'm serious. my kids  looked like someone came in and took all of their christmas gifts away. it was brutal. and the longest meal of my life. there was gagging coming from BOTH sides of the table. lainey was about to cry and hutton DID cry. i stuck to my guns and made them finish. but i'm seriously going to have to re-think this. i can't handle that every night. and brian would never admit this, but i don't think he was super impressed either...because as we were cleaning up the kitchen, he told me that the green things in the bottom of the pan looked like lawnmower grass clippings! WHAT??? 
and he had a bad stomach ache all night.
so much for healthy living. i think tonight we'll have mashed potatoes....smothered in butter.


  1. Doh! That sound pretty tough Hannah ....but maybe you can save the grass clippings comment until this summer and then use it to make Brian get out and mow the grass.
    We've been trying to eat more veggies too! Look up and try out roasted brussels sprouts...they're super easy and really least something easy for you to make yourself!! Enjoy!

  2. Our family is on a new diet and we have gotten similar responses from the kids! Maris made some gagging sounds tonight while eating sauteed zuchini, onions and mushrooms. Megan said it was nasty, but continued to stuff her face with it. Good luck with Lainey & Hutton. Like my dad always say, "The dog started eating veggies after the third week of only receiving veggies." Press On!