Thursday, April 14, 2011


  A few weeks ago, I decided to give our Foyer a face-lift. Remember....I can't keep something the same for long. A few rugs, jars, a mirror from my grandmother...and my  "Wide World Atlas" book that I found at a thrift store for $2...and we went from this...

to this...

Tomorrow is my garage sale....and if I make through...with no tears...while I watch my baby clothes go up the driveway and until next Tuesday when everything in my kitchen is back in working order...a celebration cocktail will DEFINITELY be poured!  :)


  1. This looks great!! Did the mirror come from Frances' house? Love it! How did the yard sale go? The thought of you selling the baby clothes hurts my stomach a little, sad :(

  2. ha! yes...the mirror is from grandmama! the yardsale was good. i made a little over $300....and even after that i have about 5 bags of clothes for luke and we took about 10 bags to the goodwill! can you believe that? it was sad for me too...i was trying not to think about it. :( i have a funny post about the yardsale that i will do later this week...but tomorrow is L's bday so tomorrow is all about her! :)