Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keepin' it Real

  I think it's easy in blogland to make your life seem pretty and perfect and crafty and clean and like you can do everything and you only post pictures of the "good" days. Well. Y'all. Look at this. My house is so messy at this very moment...that I think I'm getting a nervous tick. If you know me well...you know I H.A.T.E. clutter. I make at least two trips to the Goodwill every month and I relieve stress by organizing.  This next week may just kill me. The good part is this...in one week...I will have the new granite counter tops....that I have been dreaming about for five years. But the bad...is this.

Oh! And I tried to be a "fun" mom and let the kids write on the old counter tops before they took them away...which started out fun...

and led to this...

So that was a mothering FAIL.

My dining room looks like this...

And because I  wanted to see how much I could cram into one messy week...I decided to have a yard sale Saturday....so the rest of my house currently looks like a bomb went off while i gather and price everything that I haven't used in the last six months.

My sweet cousin gave me some new clothes for Hutt...that are still laying on the floor.

And my room....well...there are no words.

But..apparently that wasn't enough excitement. My favorite little buddy was in our bed last night because he was scared of the thunder....and then proceeded to throw up everywhere...bless his heart. Hence the mismatched sheets and old comforter on our bed. 

So...that has been our week thus far...and it's only Tuesday. I don't think we have anywhere to go but up! :)


  1. Girl, I LOVE this post. You are so right, so many bloggers want everything to appear perfect, so thank you for this! Cracked me up about the drawing thing that got out of hand! I'm the same way about clutter and Goodwill. So much so that every once in a while, I regret taking something. :) But, I like to only have the things I use around, and for those things to be organized. Thanks for the encouraging comment today!!

  2. I have a hard time being fun Mom- mainly because I am faking it. I hate messes. I have to work so hard to remind myself that there are more important things in the world then having a clean house. I declutter often but I think that's pretty healthy. Virtual pat on the back for keeping it real!