Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest Room Changes

 In preparation for my cousin coming this past weekend...I wanted to spruce up the guest least that was the excuse I told Brian...mainly I was just already tired of the other way it was decorated. HA! So....I changed a few things around....unfortunately I forgot to take a "before" picture(typical) so I'll just TELL you what I did!
 The turquoise dresser started it all.

 Then I changed out the old bed(iron and wood-painted white) with Hutton's old crib turned full size bed! Which made me feel better since that was the ONE time I was glad we had made the decision to buy the "conversion crib".
 I needed something on the wall over the I slapped some turquoise paint on the piece of art that came from my $20 goodwill frames...and painted the word "love" in yellow. This idea came from here:

Dana's is WAY cooler...but mine only took approximately 2 minutes.

Two turquoise pillow cases to bring the turquoise to the other side of the room were $3.00 from Target. I already had the bedding.
 The bedside table came from another room in the house.
Lamp is from Walmart....$15 for the base and $10 for the shade.
I attached a yellow ribbon to a small mirror(hook will be changed later) to hang above the dresser.
Swirly white candle holder on the dresser came from Ross for $6.99.
Gold goblet/key holder came from goodwill for $1.75.

 My love art in the frame came from this site...

And last but not least...I needed a yellow pillow for the bed...but couldn't find one(in my budget) anywhere. So...I got creative. A couple of months ago...we bought some new white slipcovers for our ikea chairs...which are quite possibly the greatest things every invented.  They came with a new pillow cover..but i threw the pillow away a LONG time ago....and was about to just throw the slipcover away when I had an idea. I grabbed a yellow dishtowel from target and my no sew bonding...slapped the towel onto the pillow, ironed it, and stuffed it with...(this is the redneck part)old christmas dishtowels that were in my yardsale pile! HA! And guess what? It totally didn't look terrible..and it was FREE! How is THAT for budget? :)


ikea pillow slipcover

redneck stuffing-HA! is the room right before I headed to the airport!

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