Sunday, August 12, 2012

kindergarten smindergarten

 well...this is it. tomorrow i send my baby away...and i'm sure he'll come back realizing that he actually loves school, and thinking that i am a crazy nut that was trying to trap him into snuggling with him all day. ;)
 i'm hoping that the send off isn't as bad as i have worked it up in my mind to be...but there is no breath holding going on over here...
 it's funny the reaction i have gotten from people. some pat me on the back, some agree, and some wonder why i'm so sad. "aren't you going to be so GLAD to have so much time alone?" hutt is my buddy. he has shopped, decorated, painted, danced, traveled, cooked, sang, cried, laughed, worried, gardened, played, exercised, and talked on the phone with me. (i even tricked him into taking naps just so i could have one too! ha!) i am sad to see him go. it will be so quiet and lonely here without him. 
 and last night i laid in bed thinking about all these funny things i could say that would make this "light and non-serious" but now i can't remember them...and it doesn't seem so funny anymore! :(

 on another note...i have decided to take up the profession of helicopter mom. so i am signing up for "room mother" for hutton's class. but oddly enough, the teacher looks at the list of names and CHOOSES someone! what the ??????  so i'm hoping that my jammin' giant size olympic rings that i made for the teacher luncheon will give me a slight advantage....i'll keep you posted.
 needless to say, this has been a hard week. i have been so sad, that poor brian can't even look at me without getting his head chopped off,(why are we meanest to the ones we love the most when we are worried/stressed/sad???....and if you tell me that i'm the only person who does that...we aren't friends anymore) and i have consumed more alcohol that trader joes stocks on the judging please. 
 but tomorrow i will awake bright and early, put on my smile, and try not to cry as my favorite boy in the entire world starts a new chapter in his life...then i will promptly march myself down the street and "sip and sob" with my sweet "kindergarten moms".....

happy first day of school everyone.....

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