Thursday, August 16, 2012

what have we learned?

i have learned a few things during this first week of i wrote a post about it. like to hear it? here it goes.....

  • i miss sleeping past 6:20
  • just being real...i HATE making lunches(i know..weird)
  • coffee is extremely gross without creamer
  • pre-teens are H.A.R.D.
  • the PTA parents at Hutt's school are WAY over the sometimes scares me. i'm just trying to help out...not compete(NOT YOU CAROLYN AND HEATHER!-y'all are awesome!)
  • moms deserve a medal for making it through week one 
  • does anyone else think the paperwork is redonkulous?
  • going to the bus stop 25 min. early on the first day is not going to make the bus get there any quicker
  • i can actually spend an 3-4 hours doing a whole lot of nothing....pinterest anyone?
  • anxiety=insomnia 
  • i worked for a long time on this project today and when i went to complete the finishing touch, i messed the whole thing up. i may or may not have almost cried(i blame fatigue)
  • i hate a quiet and dark house....if you stopped by in the middle of the day, i would have almost all the lights and tv's on...even if i'm not in the room
  • 5yr olds have meltdowns on day four
  • you are always harder on your firstborn
  • don't judge...but i have made my bed every day this week...i know....hutt was so shocked  that he asked me who did it. HA!
  • i miss summer fun, but i'm going to be honest. i do better with schedules
  • lainey started swimming today and i'm secretly hoping she will be the next missy franklin
  • now that the kids are in school, i'm scouting out the next room/piece of furniture i can paint
  • friday brings extreme excitement in YAY!  no school tomorrow
sooo....needless to say, we are ready for the weekend....but i have a feeling we will all be too exhausted to have any fun! ;)


  1. I miss summer so bady too! I told my husband last night "I cannot wait until summer"; he laughed. I usually do tons of yard work the first two weeks of school- the physcial exhaustion helps with my change anxiety but makes getting up early feel worse.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Ha.haha. imagine that this teacher feels the same way! Love my kiddos but man do I love summer. Give the teachers an extra big thanks this year. I promise we are working our tales off for your babies this year with the new state standards.