Thursday, August 30, 2012


when brian and i got married, we lived in a small we were short on storage. brian's mom bought us this HUGE chest that you can fit a million things in. when we moved to this house, it made the cut, but of COURSE i have had the itch to give it some flare ever since. it kinda had a "country" look...which is TOTALLY FINE if that is your style, but it wasn't meshing well with our other furniture. and to be honest, we still need the space, so getting something different was out of the question!  our closets in this house are small! (but i LOVE it brian, and i'm not complaining...just stating a fact!) anyway....that went WAY off track....where were we?
 oh! ok. so....i determined that part of the problem was that the hardware was too small for the piece. i found this hardware

 on sale at the home depot for $1.98 each! woot! i know. awesome huh?
  i knew i wanted a slatey blue color, so i enlisted the help of my favorite decorator...PINTEREST...and found some ideas. i sent pictures to my sweet cousin, who then told me the perfect color...wrought iron by martha stewart. yay! and as soon as brian left to go out of town, i drove my butt straight to the store, looked at the color, and then had it color matched with the primer PLUS paint by behr!  love that stuff!
 it only took me about 45 min. to complete BOTH coats(i waited an hour between each coat). immediately the chest looked so much better...that is until i remembered that i didn't know how to work the drill, so i would have to wait until brian came home to complete my project! boo!
 so......last night, even though he was exhausted from his trip, he drilled my new holes for me! and it looks AWESOME! exactly what i was going for! amazing how a little paint and new hardware can completely change the look of something! now on to the next project....

mismatched knobs and all


2 coats of paint

new hardware




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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! I suck for not responding to your picture see when I'm commenting, don't you? MIDNIGHT! The only time I get any peace and quiet around did an amazing job!!!! So glad the color worked!!!