Monday, June 11, 2012

Play Ball!

lainey kicks butt in softball. i L.O.V.E. watching her...especially how fast she has taken to it, since she didn't even start until she was nine...almost ten! why in the world we didn't start her sooner...i'll never know. 

i grew up with was our life, so naturally i assumed lainey would play...which she did. but lainey was just too dang nice for soccer. if her and another girl ran to the ball at the same time, lainey would basically let her have the ball...and then turn and smile at us! ha! brian and i used to laugh because she would run up and down the field smiling and smiling....

so we decided to try softball, and BOOM! that's more like it. the very first time she went up to bat, EVER, i was so nervous for her, i thought i would throw up. and she struck out...bless her heart. but then she got rid of the nerves and it was ON after that! here are a few pics from the last game of the season this year! 

coach daddy

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