Monday, August 19, 2013

short and sweet

 the kids are back in school...which means two things. we are again waking up when it is still dark(boo!) and my house is cleaner than it has been in months(yay!).  i have been in purge/organize mode and it makes my heart happy. this is embarrassing to admit, but i get downright giddy hauling stuff out of my house! 

 and while clothes and furniture are heading out, photographs are going to be marching in. this is the year to FINALLY print some of my photos from the computer. i will NOT admit on this blog how many months years it has been since I have actually held a real photograph in my hand...but i will tell you that i'm working on change that statistic. 
 and....on that note...this whole instagram thing is my fave! i discovered this app a few weeks ago...

...installed it on my phone, uploaded the pics i wanted to print, paid, pressed confirm, and in less than  a week...i had adorable little 4x4 instagram prints delivered right to my door. shout out for technology! woot! ;)

 once again...i am going to TRY and start writing more...but most posts will be short and this i don't have a chance to get too wordy and start rambling! ;)

happy monday everyone!


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