Monday, January 14, 2013

worry less...pray more.

sometimes many times being a parent is hard...for me, not the running around....we are so busy i can't breathe, keeping up with household things...but i struggle in the emotional/worry/anxiety department. i am a worrier...HA! i know my dad is saying an "amen" to that right now...because i have been and always will be one of those people who...when it comes to my kids...thinks the worst. i TRY so hard to hide it or pretend that is is not there, but i have realized that it will.not.go.away. 

for example. when i was little...i'm talking six or seven...when we traveled, i would watch for "hospital" signs, so that if my dad had a heart attack(what the heck??) while he was driving, i could jump up in the front seat and know exactly where to go to get help. i mean...seriously. who does that? or even better...i would always think of jobs that i might be able to do if my parents died because i would have to take care of seth and jon and i would need to work. because...i'm SURE we would not go live with family and i would be left to raise my brothers.... :-0

so now that i have my own kids...bless their hearts....every time they get sick, thanks to google, they have some rare form of cancer. and i can't even think straight until they are off to school and back to normal. poor hutton had a week of anxiety about school and other activities that had me on the verge of a breakdown and marching him right into a psychology office. i just knew something terrible was wrong. friday night he cried himself and i prayed myself to sleep. and guess what? he woke up saturday with a smile. thank GOD!

sooo...i know i said that i didn't have any new years resolutions, but actually that is a lie. i have a few...and one of them is to "worry less and pray more". i even bought a sign to hang in my house as a daily hopefully when that worry starts creeping in....i can remember to squash it with bible verses...and my mind will be eased. 

Luke 12:25 And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his  span of life?

No one can pray and worry at the same time.- Max Lucado

happy monday! 


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  1. Me too, me too. I am trying to get it through my thick skull that God is worth trusting. Sounds crazy for a Christian to say but the truth is I feel more comfortable worrying than I do trusting. I asked God to change that in me.