Thursday, January 17, 2013

livin' like a KING

summary of our week: RAIN

ok. that was easy. now on to more exciting news. wait for it....
brian and i got a new KING bed. y'all. what in the name of sleeping took us so.dang.long? i am in love. really. and i'm not a person who is usually attached to "things". i send bags and bags of stuff to the goodwill every month. but you might have to kill me if you want to take my bed. i am a SUPER light sleeper. always have been...always will be. so here is the thing. i love my husband...but do NOT touch me while i'm sleeping. i don't like it. i need space to stretch out and breathe. and last night...i woke up around 3:00am and remembered that i was in my nice new big bed...and just to prove how much room i had, i made a snow angel. right there in the bed. and i touched NOTHING. then i smiled and fell instantly back to sleep. dreamy. 

AND...this is my other favorite thing about it. when you buy king bedding....IT ACTUALLY FITS THE BED. holla! raise your hand if  you think that the person who invented "full/queen" bedding had a few loose screws. i mean really...the beds are two different sizes, so of COURSE a full sized duvet will fit a queen bed....that is, if you want to play cover wars all night in your sleep. 

so, there you have it. sleep quality is lookin' up here in the warren household...and no one is happier than me! ;)

happy thursday!

h :)

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