Thursday, November 3, 2011

stencil project...

 last weekend, i decided i needed a project. even though my bedroom looked like WWII, i decided to forgo cleaning and start something new! ha! i have been eyeing the "stencil wallpaper" that has made its way to many blog i thought i would give it a try. except i'm too chicken to experiment on an entire wall..and let's be honest here...i fully admit that i DO NOT have the patience. so i scoped out every room in my house, looking for an idea. and then it came to me. my $5 chest...who was once wood, then black, now turquoise. she needed a face lift. and if the outcome was TOTALLY awful, i knew i had almost an entire can of turquoise paint leftover, so i could just repaint. 
first i found this template from one of my favorite blogs...

then i studied up on what to do by reading this post...
and this post.

and THEN being the super impatient person that i am, i dove right in...because who wants to wait until you have all the correct a new and improved paintbrush. the "used to death, shedding bristles, shaped like a fan" brush from the kids' collection works fine right? ha!
i traced over the entire chest first(with pencil), and then painted...with my less than ideal brush. but after a couple of hours total, i ended up with this!

 not perfect...but neither is anything else in my house...and i LOVE it!
 of course, i couldn't end there. lainey said she liked it, so i coaxed her into letting me try on her desk! but THIS time, i ran to michaels for a nicer brush, and also had a better system of going completely from left to right(so my hand wouldn't smudge the paint like my previous attempt).
the desk turned out AWESOME! (so i guess practice really does make perfect better)


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