Thursday, October 20, 2011

My 35 before 35

today is my 34th birthday...and i am making a list of 35 things i want to do before i turn 35. next year. so that gives me a full 365 days to see how many i can actually check off.  and since i'm keeping in real...i AM going to put a few on the list that are more obtainable than others...because let's be honest here. who doesn't love to see an item crossed off their list???? i first saw this idea here... ...and have been thinking about it ever since.
here is MY list...
35 before 35

1. take a sewing class
2. transfer almost THREE years of pictures off of my computer and onto cds
3. order a canvas of each of the kids 11/13/11
4. finish reading at least two of the books i have started about raising kids
5. get a massage
6. get a professional manicure. my last one was on my wedding day 
7. RUN A HALF MARATHON signed up 11/13/11
8. hem the curtains in our family room
9. hem the curtains in our bedroom
10. volunteer at a soup kitchen
11. give a few homemade gifts this christmas
12. help brian make us a farmhouse table
13. learn how to use the electric drill
14. eat off of our good china at least once a month
15. finish my chicken crate coffee table
16. loose 5-10 lbs. (i'll take 5...would love 10!)
17. have a quiet time at least 3 times a week(even if it's just for 5 min.)
18.  blog more
19. start playing the guitar again
20. learn how to tune my guitar
21. have a girls night out and go sing karaoke
22. have coffee in bed(i NEVER do this!)
23. learn how to make homemade dressing(i'm almost there!)
24. make a quilt
25. make my own chalk paint and try it out on a piece of furniture
26. take more everyday pics of my kids
27. drive to the fox theater and back without getting lost
28. take a girls only trip
29. learn how to do a sock bun
30. have a small garden in the spring
31. take a historic tour of savannah
32. start blog with victoria
33. go see cirque du soleil
34. watch a sunrise at the beach
35. sew pillows for my family room and bedroom 

happy thursday everyone!


  1. I can help with some of these! I love this idea, by the's fantastic! I'm definitely in on the massage (no, I'm not giving you one, just joining you at the spa when you go!), the blogging with me thing (duh!), help you make homemade dressing (super simple!), take a girls' trip, take a sewing class (i'll come to atlanta for this!), and so many more....i hope you check something off your list TODAY!!! In fact, maybe today's the perfect day for a professional manicure?? You are WAAAAY overdue :) Happy Birthday my friend!!! xoxo

  2. I just ordered canvas of my kids last night. Groupon offers deals every once in awhile. I'll shoot ya a message next time it comes up!

  3. Happy Birthday. I turned 35 this year and it's a great age, the perfect time to try new things and get outside of the box we often find ourselves living in.

  4. That's an awesome list!! So fun to read. I turned 35 this year!