Wednesday, April 11, 2012

random updates

1. spring break came and went...and it was wonderful! we went up to the mountains for a few days(young harris, ga) and had a perfect time....eating, relaxing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and sunset watching...just to name a few

2. i did get some cute pictures of the kids on easter, but none of us all together :(

3. we had 2 wardrobe issues easter morning, but everything turned out fine. i realized at 12:35 am easter morning(when i could NOT fall asleep) that i had forgotten to get hutt some new "churchy" shoes to go with his outfit(he usually wears converse). oops!  then...lainey's dress didn't fit right...but thankfully we had a backup in the closet. the kids didn't "coordinate" but...really...lainey is almost 12. i need to get a life.

4. i love church on easter

5. april and may are SOOOOOOO busy for us...easter, two birthdays, mother's day...out of town, guests in town, end of year school activities...and this year...hutt's pre-school graduation! (waaaaaaaaa!)

6. i realized after having several pictures taken of myself recently that i need to lay off the food, bacon, and wine....

7. which means i have been on a diet for THREE days, and i am DYING! no, i'm not one of those crazies who starve themselves by not eating anything, but i'm trying to watch my portions and eat more!  i'm a paula deen/pioneer woman cook....which equals fat and LOTS of this is hard. :0  i give myself two weeks....ha!

8. i also started exercising again...yes...again. i have run a total of TWO times since seaside. and one of those was today. what what? it's amazing how fast you loose your endurance!

9. brian and i struck a new deal. since i like to redecorate so much, if i can sell the old on craigslist for the same price or more as the new...I CAN CHANGE IT! woot! that is like saying i just won the lottery for me. so far i have swapped out end tables and hopefully a desk(tonight!)

10. i decided i wanted a huge vintage map behind our couch in the tv room and have been looking for about 3 weeks on ebay...and GUESS what was in my new country living yesterday? vintage map in the family room. yay that i have good taste...not yay that i'm pretty positive the price and demand for those things will go up! :(

11. when my parents were here a few weeks ago, my mom and hutton planted some basil, peppers, and parsley in pots on my deck...and people....THEY ARE STILL ALIVE! i almost can't believe it. i even brought them in last night when it got cold. 

12. if i actually learn to sew AND garden in the same year...that will be a gosh darn miracle. and i can officially get my homemakers card! ;)

i'll be back tomorrow with some pics of our getaway! :)
happy wednesday!


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