Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 i don't know what the HECK is wrong with me, but i can.not.stop.crying.today. and i am NOT NOT NOT a crier. when our dog died in january, hutton saw me crying and was in shock because "i've never seen you cry mommy...what is wrong?"  it was pitiful. so anyway, that is how little i cry. 
 actually i DO know what the heck is wrong. i'm about to lose my job. i job that i have had for almost 5 whole years...and it's about to be gone. and it's depressing. once kids get in school, they don't need you as much...or at least they THINK they don't! ha! ok. i really don't feel like saying "ha". it just came out. i keep getting all this info about end of the year and kindergarten registration and blah blah blah and i just want to push pause or cover my ears and pretend i don't hear. that's mature huh? 
 and i should probably turn off this sad music so i don't flood my computer or have to call brian to pick hutt up from school because i'm a basket case laying in the bed. anyway, i just needed to write it all down because i can't seem to make myself do anything else. i even tried to run but i got a mile from home, realized that i forgot to turn on my running app, said about 47 choice not so nice words, and turned around and walked home. is 12:10 too early to have a glass of wine? :)

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  1. Hang in there girl! It is hard to see them grow, I can completely relate to just wanting to STOP time, especially when it comes to my baby.

    Crying is sometimes necessary - I always feel better after a good cry...or a good glass of wine (even if it is before noon!)