Monday, February 20, 2012

where does the time go?

i haven't written in over a month and i have all of these little things i could have turned into great posts...but when i sit down to write...nothing comes out! are some bullet points because i'll want to remember all of this one day! :0

  • brian went out of town and i painted our kitchen, eating area, and hallway...a really pretty pale pale blue. i love it..him...not so much
  • i sewed my first envelope pillow and made a LONG table runner for my new farmhouse table...that i have yet to put a picture of on this blog! oops! ;)
  • lainey was chosen as student of the month at her middle school...and we were given a bumper sticker for bragging rights....and hopefully she won't try and tear it off like i did to my mother in 9th grade...maybe since my car is cooler than a wood grain mini-van, she'll leave it alone!(sorry mom!)
  • hutton has decided he is going to be a musical engineer when he grows up...and i absolutely 100% know that he will
  • lainey wants to be a missionary when she grows up...and i absolutely 100% know that she will
  • we have had the mildest winter, and while i love the snow, i am so thankful since i'm TRAINING FOR MY FIRST HALF-MARATHON!  yes, you read that right...but i'm not going to say anything else about it until i cross the finish line and can mark it off of my birthday list
  • i haven't lost ONE pound while training. can you say D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G????
  • lainey is in the beginning stages of braces and she has to wear head gear...bless her heart. but only at night. because i was ready to homeschool her if she had to wear that craziness at school.
  • hutton and i started having fun friday's since he will be starting kindergarten soon. we HAVE to do something exciting and i'm not allowed to clean all day. i can't talk about it without getting a huge lump in my throat. moving on.....
  • pinterest is addicting. the end.
  • and on a sad note, our sweet boxer jessie died. she was only 5 1/2 so we weren't ready for it, but she was sick and it was pitiful. and as much as she was a pain in the butt sometimes, i still look for her to meet me at the gate when i come home or stick her nose all over the french door glass...watching everything i do....
once again, i'll try to do better with updating posts...but don't hold your breath...just in case.... ;)

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  1. With you on the running/lack of weight loss. I am up to 4 miles a day and haven't lost a pound actually gained 3. But I have been eating like a fool lately- running makes me so hungry ;).
    Sorry about your sweet dog.
    Lost our 13 year old yorkiepoodle in Oct. and just got an aussie mix pup last week.