Friday, February 24, 2012


 i was thinking the other night about how i never really say anything on this blog about brian...except that he doesn't like me to paint and gives me funny looks with i drag home ugly furniture to transform! all honesty, he's a GREAT guy and i'm so lucky to have i'm going to brag for a minute. i sometimes get all caught up in the whole "romance" thing and i'm not going to lie...get a little envious when i hear about someone planning a surprise candlelight picnic for their wife...or writing them a special anniversary song...but then i realize that he shows me he loves me by doing things for me that make my life

  •  he has taken it upon himself to be the toilet paper/paper towel/toothpaste/medicine/vitamin guy. since we have been married, i have bought paper towels ONCE...and i was so overwhelmed with the choices that i stood in the paper towel aisle for 20 min. and left with just a 2 he could go buy more later
  • after being gone from the house for 10-11 hours a day, he ALWAYS calls me and asks if i need anything from the grocery..which i usually do. and not ONE time has he ever complained about stopping
  • he works so so so hard for we can have wonderful things that we truly don't deserve
  • i have never had to pay a bill. this is awful to admit, but i don't even know how much all of our bills amount to each month. he just quietly takes care of i don't have to stress 
  • he keeps my car clean and most of the time filled with gas. what a great surprise when you get in the car and the gas tank is FULL!
  • he plans for our future and the kids' future...and has me taken care of if anything were to happen to him...which, as a stay at home mommy with NO very comforting
  • he helps me clean up the kitchen EVERY NIGHT! and when we have guests in town...he keeps that dishwasher going strong....
  • he doesn't panic when i call him FREAKING out because i'm lost...even though i have a GPS...he just calmly gets me where i need to be :)
  • he is quiet and i am loud...which used to bother me, but i think two loud people in one house would be overkill ;)
  • he has been so supportive of me and this running thing...helping me out with shoes, running clothes, how to train, etc. and is proud of me for accomplishing my goal
  • he plans all of our trips/vacations...while i'm just along for the ride
  • he eats ANYTHING i cook..and loves all types of food, which makes is so easy on me! he will eat cereal or leftovers with a smile! ;)
  • he NEVER complains about anything or talks bad about anyone...(which sometimes annoys me because if someone makes me mad, i want to vent and talk and he won't say a word...just sits and listens with a smile on his face!) 
  • he is a fantastic daddy to lainey and hutton...coaching teams, taking them places alone, helping with school work, playing, etc. i couldn't ask for better
  • he sets a great example of a godly man...attending church, volunteering in church, and tithing...something i always saw my daddy do and knew i wanted that in a husband someday
  • he makes me laugh...especially when he is picking on me! ha!
  • he is so smart! i can ask him a question about ANYTHING, and he knows the answer...which is mind boggling to me!
  • he is always willing to take the kids to museums, concerts, etc. so they can experience new things...
  • he knows how important date nights are to me...
  • if he has gone to work before i get up...he leaves love notes by the coffee maker! (the first place i run to in the morning...)
there are many many more...but i just wanted to write a few when i am having one of those "days" i can look back and realize that i am ONE LUCKY GIRL!  
i love you brian...

your favorite wifey

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