Thursday, January 5, 2012

good day....bad eating..

because the kids are STILL home from school, we had to get OUT of the house, and yesterday i took them to the tellus museum in cartersville. it was pretty fun...but going to "educational" places like that is when you really notice the age difference in my kids. what you like i don't, and what i like you don't. and they aren't afraid to let me/each other know. here is a short picture overview of our visit...courtesy of my phone....since i walked out of the house without my camera! minus one point for mommy....

 you can see...all of that museum walking and reading led us STRAIGHT to mcdonalds...which completely cancelled out the grass clippings we ate wednesday night. but i'm not gonna lie...that was the best dang hamburger i have had in a while. ;)  and sadly enough, since we only visit ronald about 2 times a year, i think the kids were more excited about that than they were the museum! ha! oh well...i'll start back on the veggie train today.

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