Thursday, August 4, 2011

what's for dinner....

red beans and rice 

this has to be the EASIEST recipe i have...and in my of the best. my kids LOVE it, they request it about once every two weeks, it makes a ton, it uses the crock-pot....which is like having someone cook for you, it requires little clean up, and best of makes your house smell SOOO good.

1.fill up your crock-pot about 3/4 of the way to the top with water and dump in one bag of small red beans.
3. pour in as many shakes as you want of this...(i probably use at least 1/2 a cup...not sure exactly..i don't measure when i cook! but you can add more if need be)

4. cook on low all day long. at this point, your house should be smelling wonderful...
5. about two hours before you want to serve dinner, add this...
turkey polish kielbasa
and a small can of tomato paste (if you have one).
6. stir and taste and try not to eat the entire pot because your mouth is watering.
7. make rice(white or brown)
8. serve over rice and we always top with sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese.

yummy yummy easy and so good. :)

***this can be spicy depending on how much seasoning you add, but we love spice around here, so i may go a little over board...although it's nothin' a little sour cream and a glass of milk can't cool down! ha!

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