Thursday, August 25, 2011 it me you're looking for???? much for writing more! FAIL! but to defend myself, i didn't want to spend the last week of summer vacation on the computer and the first two weeks of school have been so

lainey started middle school and it has definitely been an adjustment. not bad...just...different. for starters, she doesn't even have to be there until 9:08(officially) i actually spend a lot of time with her in the mornings...which is great because by the time she gets home at 4:30...we are both beat! :0 it's homework, dinner, showers and bed...and our day is OVER!

hutton started school TODAY! he was a little apprehensive but when i picked him up....he was all smiles....and so was mommy...who had three hours to shop at ikea...BY MYSELF! can i get an amen?! ;) a is our last 3-4 weeks.

1. enjoyed our last few weeks of freedom and no schedules
2. went tubing in helen
3. decided i wanted to re-do our master bedroom...(SHOCKER HUH?)
4. added wheels to my chicken crate....that are gray! for some reason nobody will ever know...i ordered gray instead of black...(maybe that was why they were so cheap???)
5. i like them anyway....
6. it's so hot here...we all hate the pool
7. i've gained at least 5 pounds of wine weight
8. lainey started middle school
9. brian and i had our anniversary
10. did i mention it's H.O.T???
11. exercise??? what is that?
12. hutton started pre-k
13. i guess i better start thinking of a job for next year....
14. i'm about to paint our bedroom....
15. and want to paint more rooms than that!

ok...enough for now....i'm off to compare paint colors...


ps. pics tomorrow.....

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